In July 1985, Old Uncompetitive Coke was reintroduced as Coca-Cola Classic. Could thirsty consumers even manage the appearance of two Coke products simultaneously? It was anyone’s guess.
Francis Fukuyama anticipated the end of history in 1989 but all we have done since is to fight to avoid being caught on the “wrong” side of it.
If non-human intelligence were truly a threat to the continuation of civilization then dogs are obviously the most clear and present danger.
If democracy were truly in peril, then defence of the realm would not consist of pontificating on a book tour.
Philosopher George Grant contemplated “love of one’s own” as a key element of Canadian nationhood. Is this idea reconcilable with modern politics?
To create a more stable security environment in the Arctic, we must avoid the NATO-ization of the North.
Studying the history of warfare is not about glorifying bloodshed. It is about better understanding the extremes of human experience.
The history of the Anti-Mask League in 1919 foreshadowed eerily familiar patterns of popular frustration with state-imposed public-health mandates.
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